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Classic Tibetan cup. This one is made from turned wood and lined with hammered sheet silver that has a repousse design of auspicious objects and a floral border. Primarily, larger versions of such bowls were used to drink 'Bhocha', Tibetan tea but this one appears to be made for the alter, or perhaps for  serving rounds of 'Chang', Tibetan barley wine at gatherings. The exterior of the bowl is wrapped around the foot and lower part of bowl with heavy silver frieze work. I've kept the cup with it's patina and tarnish, but the  silver could be brought to a high shine without too much trouble.
The bowl measures about 3-1/4" in diameter and just over 1-1/4" tall. This is not an antique piece but probably made in the lasyt few decades. In good condition, ready to serve Chang at the next  celebration! 

SOLD Tibetan Silver over Wood Cup

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