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This is a fine example of a Tibetan dagger of which there are many types and designs.

The good quality blade is straight, single-edged and has a pointed tip. Small signs of rust that needs to be cleaned up

The handle and pommel are of the classic trefoil form. It has brass, iron and  copper parts and is inset with what used to be a coral stone in a brass setting, but a previous owner has replaced the coral with an imitation stone. 

The grip is wrapped in copper wire, brass sashes and is decorated with a brass floral medallion. The lower section of the grip and the cross guard is decorated with floral and fence designs.

The scabbard is made of of iron and engraved with a dragon. The top section is decorated with a band of shagreen, brass scrollwork, and bands of silver. 

The reverse of the scabbard is similarly decorated and has an iron spine to which all the bands and scrollwork are fastened with copper rivets. It has the original leather belt loop.

The dagger has normal wear and patina, and is in excellent, original condition. Early 20th C. 12 inches (30.5 cms) long 

Tibetan Dagger

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