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Antique three panel Tsukdruk style rug. Rugs woven in this particular type of cut-loop technique date to the earliest forms of pile weaving. Each of the three panels is woven individually and are then are hand-stitched together. The handle of tsukdruk rugs is extremely supple, as they were not used as floor coverings but for sleeping on and sometimes as blankets. The monochrome field is made up of many shades of indigo blue due to fluctuations in the natural dyes and dyeing process. The main design motif of three swastikas is surrounded by abstract lines, circles, and accents that echo some of the rock art found in Western Tibet.  Handloomed yak wool with vegetable and mineral dye. Early 20th century. Handloomed Yak wool and vegetable/mineral dyes.

Modernist Tsukdruk Rug

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