Signs from Tibet

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The images and videos of the protests that erupted across Tibet in the Spring of 2008  are proof of courage and conviction of Tibetans in peacefully reassert their rights in the face of certain repression.  

And from among the hundreds of images, perhaps the videos of the monks from Jokhang Temple in Lhasa and Labrang monastery in Amdo, sacrificing their own security to speak out to news media cameras what was in the hearts of all Tibetans, remain some of the most hauntingly images of pure dissent ever captured on camera.

Signs From Tibet is a series of 12 portraits of the monks, printed  on aluminum. The images resolve into being and recede into random dissonant patterns, reflecting the state of conflict and uncertainty that pervades Tibet today, that remain largely invisible to the thousands of tourists who arrive and depart daily.

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Labrang #6
screen printed aluminum sheet, 18 X 18 inches